Apr 7, 2011

The Road Ahead

It has been raining job interviews for me this spring,monsoon style!Well almost,at least the calls from recruiters makes me believe that.Not one interview with any of the prospective employers,only with recruiters.Yet it makes me feel at least someone is aware of my online CV or my Linked in profile.

Tomorrow ,going to have face to face interview with head of economics and planning team of an Oil company.The interview is scheduled in a bar!Just hoping that the guy gets drunk and offers me the job :) no questions asked,how good is that.....!

By the way,I passed my MA Economics exam.What next?May be CFA.But after I switch my job and my son grows a little old,old enough not to distract.Till then just day dreaming,eyes wide open.

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vinodh said...

I didn't know you became a father. Congratulations! I am very happy for you. And watch my space. I am thinking about returning to blogosphere soon :)