Feb 28, 2011

Breaking free from corporate slavery

I want a new ' job'.Have been thinking about it since along time.But I don't want a one more new corporate job.I think I had enough of corporate jobs.Now I want to be my own boss.No slavery anymore.I dont want others to write my appraisal or beg for few nickles to people whom I deem not superior than me.

I want a life where I can plan my own holidays.A life where there are no 'Monday Blues' or TGIF.I want every day to be as pleasant as weekends.A life where I can plan a vacation for a month or two every year in different location.A life where I can spend time with my parents as long as I want to.A life where I dont have to earn a salary,instead the money comes from what I love doing.A life when I decide when do I need to wake up and when do I need to go to bed.

I like my present job.But it is not what I would like to do forever.It is nice,pays well,well almost!But imagine ,what it would be to be your own boss and may be employee others to work for you,instead of you working for others.Every time I think over it,it bring me immense joy.

So the only question for me is ,what is it that I have that others can find valuable.In other words what do I do be my own boss?And that is the million dollar question haunting me.


Fanaah said...

Its everyone's dream isnt it? Too many people have had the same thought (I do too) but what is lacking is not the opportunity, the idea or the skill...what is lacking- is just the guts

Fighter Jet said...

@Fanaah: Very correct...!