Jan 26, 2011

Life at Snail's Pace

It looks like looong time.Was i dead or what?I wonder!Nope :) I am alright,sound and kicking.Had nothing worthwhile to add here.Was some what unusually busy in work and some non-work.Anyway,the new year is already a month old now.I am glad,I am following on my resolution,not the new year resolutions.

Have been practising on and off on my guitar.Still light years away from playing anything sensible.For the time being its just that good old boring scales and chords change practise.At time I feel like breaking the Guitar into million pieces from the frustration out of the failure to improve.But soon realise I cannot afford a single penny more to lose.And that keeps me sane,though irritated.

May be few more months and then my neighbours wont feel like hitting me.Who knows they might like the sound of strumming and picking!Possibilities are endless,as I say to myself.But I will be traveling again and my practise will be interrupted again.Second time in a last few months,for a month.Sigh!

I had nothing better to do on last weekend.So out of bordom decide to put myself on Youtube.Its boring nerdy stuff.But if it interest you,here's the link .

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Jas B said...

Keep going at your guitar practice. I am sure you'll be able to play really well soon.