Nov 28, 2010

One month and going....

It has been more than a month now!I am glad my interest is still intact.Have been practising my Guitar almost every day.I am light year away from playing my first song.Don't want to rush to it only to find it horrendously difficult.Just want to go slow and steady and nice.

So far just able to remember few basic chords and make some chord change as well,albeit nasty,I believe with more diligent and regular practise it will get smother withing next few months.Just the thought of smooth chord change makes me feel so happy.Imagine when I start playing my favourite songs :)
I am loving it..umm :D


Jas B said...

Good job. Keep going at it. :)
And when you can play one of your favorite songs, we need to hear it.
Take care.

Jas B said...

Keep going! :)

Radha said...

that's great !!!