Oct 4, 2010

Nude again !

In less than half an hour.Not as well as I would have liked it to be.Needs devoted practise,which I soon hope to revive.


Jas B said...

Less than half hour! I am impressed!
Good to see your sketches again.
Hope you are doing well.

Fighter Jet said...

Jaldi ka kaam shaitan ka hota hai :) Thoda patience se banata to accha tha..next time :D

Anjuli Dhiman said...

don't u think its a little disproportionate, I mean the waist should have been till the left hand not beyond that and accordingly the breast will shift as well.

Anjuli Dhiman said...

and I loved the sketch by the way.

Fighter Jet said...

@Anjuli :

Hum..may be you are right..I didnt notice that earlier.Thanks for your valuable suggestion.I said earlier,I am very novice..and need some serious practice :(