Apr 16, 2008

Art of making Art

I thought I was the only idle person in the whole organization.But the huge pile of forwarded mails points to contrary.Others are also not much busy.I received this from a colleague.Sharing to you all guys.Anyways, soon you too will be getting this forwarded mails.Or may be have already seen it :)Still enjoy the creativity :)

Feb 4, 2008

Wasting colors.

I tried my hands painting.I know I am not good at it.But just thought of giving it a chance.
It was long time sinceI painted anything.The last time I did was some fifteen years ago,when in school.If you cant figure it out,let me tell you I tried painting a sunrise :)

I know I am not good at it.But I just wanted to play with colors,and experiment.I was actually in mood to sketch some nude,could not find anything to copy.So just let my imagination run riot.And this is what I had at the end of session.Now dont say what a waste of colors :(

Jan 21, 2008

No nude this time :(

This time I could not sketch nude :0
So I decided to copy the face of a hero from the newspaper advertisment of a film named "ACCIDENT".Its a regional langauge film.Next weekend will do some nudie ;)
I will have to scout for some good stuff in advance,so that I dont get handicapped next weekend :)

Jan 7, 2008

Sketching Nude at Midnight

I had planned earlier for sketching on weekend.But Saturday turned out to be totally chaotic.Totally out of control.No time for sketching.In fact this Saturday was like no other Saturday.I got busy from the moment I steeped out of bed,and that was from 1'O'clock in the midday!

Finally I got some time in the midnight of Sunday,and drew this one.Yeah I know it need lots of improvement.But that's OK.Some day my sketching will improve..till then I will keep trying and enjoying the pursuit :)