Dec 24, 2007

Sketching a Sexy Nude.....At Last ..!

I was planning to sketch for a long time.But I was unable to do any sketching.Some thing or the other kept coming and my plan kept derailing on all past weekends.But not this time!I had made sure come what may,I will sketch a nude on this weekend,and I did was long due.

Any way better late then never.I know I have to learn alot.Practise a lot.Next Monady too ,again I will put some thing new here.But this time I will try my imagination instead,instead of using some model :)
Lets see!!

Dec 13, 2007

Sketching nude

It has been long time since I sketched somethings.Its not that I have lost my interest.Far from that.Actually,I I do not have access to net these days at my home,unlike earlier months.

Availability of Internet at home makes it that easier to draw or sketch nude.All I need is to visit some art or nude painting site.Choose a picture and try copying it.No need to ask anyone to sit nude in front of me so that I can draw them.

The other option is to buy a book having lots of nude painting or pencil sketches.But they do not come cheap.Other option can be to take a print out of the painting/sketching in the office,and carry it at home.

And that's what I am going to do right now. :)
I will take a print out of this picture that you see above and use it as reference to sketch something worthwhile :).Lets me try.