Nov 28, 2007 10 minutes flat!

I was asked to draw a 'Rangoli' by my office colleagues.As there was competition going on,I decided to do my little bit to aid my team mates.Hiding my apprehensions I took up the challenge and drew the basic outline in less than 10 minutes flat.I think,it was a pretty good effort!


[a] said...

Oooh! Rangoli is beautiful, is there a religious significance to it? I've never done it before, but would love to try, is a special type of powder used?

Fighter Jet said...

Thanks [a] :).
No it has nothing to do with religion..its just a design..which anybody can make according to his her aptitude....kind of art work :)....and no special can get ordinary colour powder that we use in 'Holi' festival of colours...and some wheat powder(for white)..turmeric for yellow etc.. :))

[a] said...

Cool, will definitely try doing some one day, thanks for the insight ;)